The Best Places to Stay in Belgium

Wondering where to stay in Belgium? It’s no question that Belgium is one of the most visited countries in the world. Well, this country seemed to have a unique architecture and tantalizing charisma that attracts anyone who visits here. So if you’re planning to spend a vacation in this country, here are some hotels that you might want to consider.

Hotel Duke’s Palace

Located in Bruges, Hotel Duke’s Palace is the only five-star hotel in the area.  Although tagged as a luxury hotel, it is actually more affordable than most hotels in the area.  The posh design and friendly staff will make you want to stay in this hotel. The rooms are cozy and the hotel has modern amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Guesthouse Bonifacius

I know most of you who go to Belgium are very excited to take back in time and have a wonderful medieval experience. Well, there’s a hotel that can give just the exact feeling – talk about exquisite decorations, medieval ambiance, and antiques. Clearly, Guesthoue Bonifacius is the best place to stay for travellers looking for comfort in the medieval setting. But don’t get me wrong. This 16th-century old building has been refurbished and rebuilt into a new, stylish hotel in Belgium.

Hotel Amigo

Amigo means “friends” in Spanish and just as the name says, Hotel Amigo is a friendly hotel in Belgium. Its ambiance is quite simpler than other hotels but it’s posh and stylish. The minimalist ambiance makes it very neat. The hotel offers sumptuous breakfast which will satisfy your tummy before heading to a daylong excursion in the city. Did you know many film stars and even presidents prefer this hotel?

Canal Deluxe Bed and Breakfast

Wow! This is the only hotel with a real furnace. It’s a great option if you want to feel naturally warm during your winter stay.  Canal Deluxe Bed and Breakfast is close to the city centre, which makes its location superb.  If you need a hotel that is charming, pampering, and a little rustic, you will love this hotel.

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