Favorite Things To Do In Columbia

Colombia is rapidly turning into a highlight of South American tours.  A lot of tourists now flock here to experience a great vacation along the coast. So if you are one of the digital nomads binging to visit this city here are some ideas for you when in Colombia.

Take a journey to Isla Gorgona

Isla Gorgona is a hot spot for tourists who want to experience nature in Colombia. This beautiful attraction used to be a prison land that lies 30 miles off the Pacific coast.

Today it has turned into a national park where you can see snakes, bats, monkeys, and sloths. Going by boat to this island will give you a chance to see whales and giant turtles which can be very exciting. The entrance to the park is $10.

Visit San Agustin

San Agustin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a small mountain town where you can see hundreds of pre-Colombian statues and burial mounds. This part of Colombia is rather serious than exciting.

You need to observe proper decorum and respect to locals and their policies especially when it comes to taking pictures and touching religious collections and megalithic sculptures. San Agustin is the largest heritage site in Colombia and you will need at least one full day to tour the place. The admission to the park costs around $6USD per individual.

Tour the Amazon forest

A tour in the Amazon forest is not for the faint hearted but it is definitely worth the time. The Amazon forest covers almost one-third of Colombia. The Amazon tour usually starts with a boat ride from Leticia, a town bordering Peru and Brazil, to the indigenous villages in the Amazon jungle. The tour usually costs around $47USD).

Go snorkeling, diving, or simply enjoy the beach

Enjoying the beach may not be the first thing you think of when going to Colombia. This country must be good for something else. Yet even though it is more known for its cultural sites, it still boasts really good beaches. Head to San Andres and Providencia as the waters there are rich in marine life. You can enjoy sea diving or snorkeling.  You can also go to Gorgona Island between August and October to experience whale shark watching.

Try some local coffee

Fortunately, Colombia is quite rich in coffee plantation. So if you want to enjoy a comfortable morning, you can head to some popular coffee plantation, buy some coffee grain, and brew your own coffee. Salento is the best spot for coffee tours, particularly Él El Ocaso.

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