Why Disneyland is the Happiest Place on the Earth

Everyone loves Disney World!! It’s like a dream place of every kid and adult too who love the Disney characters. Disneyland is a place of happiness, magic, castles and lovable characters.

This will refresh your childhood memories when you stood on Main Street to have ice creams and soaked it all in and when Mickey Mouse was your favorite character. It’s obvious that Disney world is absolute fun if you are a kid and the best part is it’s an exciting place for adults too.  

Here, few reasons supporting a must trip to Disneyland at any age once in a lifetime:

Walk-In Main Street- Refreshing Mind

Many off-site properties are within walking distance to the parks.  By walking you can enjoy sights around. There will no hassle to catch a bus, or parking the car or waiting in a line of tickets to ride in the monorail. Give a start of the day with a quick breakfast in the hotel room and freshen up before starting day attraction activities. The amazing weather will add on to complete your trip.

New Attractions Premiered- Added Fun

If you haven’t visited Disneyland yet, then there will be much more attractive points to look upon and if you have visited this in the past, than to plan a vacation now, the reason behind this is the add up of new attractions. Several attractions have been replaced, especially at California Adventure.   Two big added attractions are Soarin’ (replaced Over California) and Frozen at the Hyperion (replaced over Aladdin).

Breathtaking Cars Land

Rocking cars land is the best part to visit in Disneyland, It has also debuted a new ride: Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadster, which replaced Luigi’s Flying Tires. Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters in Cars Land are one of the newer attractions which have given the best response as compared to other attractions.

We bet that family and kids will love these new additions. Basically, you just have to sit in a roadster which dances along with the music, like Mambo Italiano.

Faces of Disney characters

The best part of visiting Disneyland is to meet your favorite cartoon character, whether you’re favorite Disney character is Princess Jasmine or Mickey Mouse, or even no one is favorite then too you can count on the smiling faces of the characters you know and love to watch.

Rides for every age

Age is just a number here; you can have the best time here at any age by flying in a boat over London on the Peter Pan ride. The sight from rides or submarines will mesmerize you, Go underwater in a submarine and say hello to all of Nemo’s friends and family.

The Fireworks Show

Oh Yay!!! How can one miss this show, Nothing brings more tears and happiness same time in your eyes than watching the fireworks show along with listening to the wonderful medley of all your favorite Disney music. This is just incredibly awesome!!

The Cutest Picture Perfect Moment

Here, you’ll get countless spots to get the perfect picture. Either is in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle or the entrance of the Disney Park, along with the characters, you can snap anything present there to get the perfect picture.

Cure to all your life problems

Once you visit this place, you’ll surely forget all of your life problems, we understand it will not cure it from the root, but for the time you are there it will help you to enjoy that moment completely. There is something in the atmosphere of Disneyland, which makes you forget problems the whole day you’re there.

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