Tips for Traveling to Greece

  1. Offer the abundance

Attempt to utilize free convenience and eating alternatives however much as could be expected. Resort bundles, particularly all­-comprehensive ones, can be modest yet little of the cash you spend stays in Greece.

The monetary emergency has really prompted most estate, annuity and little inn proprietors bringing down their costs and being more set up to deal on spec.

Also, who needs to eat a similar hotel buffet each day, when there is a decision of legitimate tavernas nearby? Or then again check the neighborhood food out yourself, by visiting a market and joining a credible cooking class in Athens.

  1. Stay away from top season

Except if you need to go in high summer in view of school occasions, attempt to visit outside the pinnacle period of late July to the furthest limit of August. During this period, the climate is rankling blistering, costs take off and wherever gets packed in light of the fact that the actual Greeks are on vacation.

May and June see warm days, with a multiplication of verdure, and new evenings, while September and early October offer brilliant days and the ocean actually holds its late spring heat.

  1. Wander around the territory

Try not to fall into the snare of partner Greece exclusively with its islands. The terrain has an incredible arrangement to bring to the table, from the monumental Pindos mountain range in the north to the void brilliant sea shores of the western Peloponnese. It likewise brags the best number archeological destinations.

Going between the fundamental towns should be possible on the exhaustive KTEL transport organization, with nearby administrations emanating out to towns, yet in case you’re keen on verifiable and social features and perhaps went ahead time, think about a private guide and driver. Our Cultural and Natural Sites of Athens and the Peloponnese schedule is a top pick among our customized trip voyagers.

  1. Eat and drink like a neighborhood

Eating is perpetually an easygoing issue in Greece. Post for the eateries that local people eat in as the food will be greatly improved. Simply recollect that Greeks eat late – frequently after 10pm.

Continuously request nearby barrelled wine, which is less expensive than packaged, or attempt a blazing soul like ouzo or tsipouro. Similarly, don’t be palmed off with filtered water, as what emerges from the tap is entirely consumable.

Furthermore, what better approach to find Greek food than with a nearby? Take a road food visit in Athens and blend with local people.

  1. Go island jumping

There’s no uncertainty that the brilliant period of island bouncing was during the 70s and 80s, and a great many people currently stick to one island for each occasion.

Yet, ship administrations are as yet copious and generally dependable through the hotter months, so why not pick a gathering of islands like the Ionians, the Dodecanese or the postcard pretty Cyclades and see the most that you can?

In case you’re searching for agenda thoughts, check our Greek Island-Hopping Honeymoon – a schedule made by a nearby master situated in Athens, 100% modifiable to accommodate your inclinations.

  1. Embrace Greek time

Promptness isn’t held in the most noteworthy regard in Greece. There is a sound Mediterranean conviction that most things can be put off and nothing should be done in a rush: Spanish “mañana” rises to Greek “avrio”.

So don’t anticipate that service in a restaurant should be excessively smart or transportation consistently to run as expected.

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Inside and out, simple to-utilize travel guides loaded up with master exhortation.

  1. Be socially touchy

Most more youthful Greeks see themselves as current and open­-disapproved – however the more established age have an instilled traditionalism and the Orthodox Church actually holds extraordinary influence.

Bareness is disapproved of away from assigned sea shores and it is better not to visit houses of worship or cloisters in meager shorts or tops.

  1. Be careful with headings and guidelines

There’s a decent arrangement of truth in the saying that in the event that you ask five Greeks how to get some place you’ll find five distinct solutions. Be that as it may, don’t stress – getting somewhat lost is all essential for the good times.

It’s comparable with rules and guidelines, for example, wearing safety belts or crash head protectors, or not smoking out in the open spots. These are altogether consistently overlooked however it’s dependent upon you whether you stick to this same pattern.


Renowned wreck straight, Zakynthos island, Greece © Michail Makarov/Shutterstock

  1. Take care in the capital

Athens may seem to be a solid wilderness, however it is likewise rich with sights, including the antiquated Acropolis and some great exhibition halls.

It is the place where you are destined to experience the impacts of the twin emergencies, notwithstanding, with an expanding number of covered structures and vagrants.

Despite the fact that it isn’t by and large hazardous, you should watch your assets, particularly when going on jam-packed vehicle like the metro.

  1. Try not to be modest

Greeks are for the most part outgoing individual sorts and love trading perspectives and suppositions with anyone and everyone. So don’t keep down on getting some information about their convictions and suppositions or communicating your own.

In the event that you are going with kids, you’ll before long perceive the amount they are reveled. They can regularly go about as common ice­-breakers, particularly at cafés, where no one personalities them going around and making somewhat of a commotion.

  1. Gain proficiency with a tad bit of the language

Greeks by and large don’t anticipate that foreigners should know any Greek, and levels of English are acceptable all through the country.

Then again, they love it on the off chance that you do learn in any event a couple of words. Any exertion will be compensated by your status being raised from a standard vacationer to a respected “xenos”, which implies both “outsider” and “visitor”.

A Tour to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Uses A Different Currency 

A great many people with sufficient interest in Ireland to visit will definitely realize that it’s parted into two distinct nations, yet might not have thoroughly considered the items of common sense. In the event that traversing the boundary, you ought to know that as a component of the UK, Northern Ireland utilizes pound authenticity, not the euro. Since global bank cards will work totally in ATMs and chip and pin terminals on the two sides it will not have an enormous effect, however it’s valuable in case you’re intending to shop – even before Brexit, shopping for food bills in Northern Ireland were around 15% less expensive than in the republic. 

Non-EU Travelers Can Shop Tax-Free 

In a connected point, voyagers from outside the EU are qualified for tax-exempt shopping in Ireland. Applying for a Fexco Horizon card before you show up implies you would then be able to enlist and swipe it in any partnered area in the nation (counting Avoca Handweavers, the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Zoo and some more), prior to asserting back deals charge on those buys at the air terminal on your way home. The help has even dispatched a tax-exempt shopping application, through which you can request and enroll your card, find partnered outlets and track buys. 

Lease A (Small) Car 

While a large portion of the significant Irish sights can be taken in utilizing public vehicle or visit transports, leasing a vehicle merits considering, to get to those breathtaking spots off in an unexpected direction. In the event that you will lease one, recall that individuals in Ireland drive on the left hand roadside and pass on the right – something contrary to US drivers. It’s ideal to lease a little vehicle for visiting rustic territories – dirt roads in Ireland are famously restricted and winding, and a few local people drive along them more rapidly than you may anticipate. 

Check Your Baggage Restrictions 

Irish spending carrier Ryanair is known for giving inexplicably low tolls to flying inside Europe. They are likewise known for putting certain guidelines on those deal level passages, for example, weighty lodge stuff limitations. On a Ryanair flight, you can welcome on board just one lodge pack – weighing as much as 10 kilos and fitting explicit measurements – in addition to one little sack like a satchel. Lodge sack limits are something similar on the banner transporter carrier of Ireland, Aer Lingus. Enormous expenses are charged for processing in any baggage that doesn’t fit these necessities at the air terminal.

The Best Places to Stay in Belgium

Wondering where to stay in Belgium? It’s no question that Belgium is one of the most visited countries in the world. Well, this country seemed to have a unique architecture and tantalizing charisma that attracts anyone who visits here. So if you’re planning to spend a vacation in this country, here are some hotels that you might want to consider.

Hotel Duke’s Palace

Located in Bruges, Hotel Duke’s Palace is the only five-star hotel in the area.  Although tagged as a luxury hotel, it is actually more affordable than most hotels in the area.  The posh design and friendly staff will make you want to stay in this hotel. The rooms are cozy and the hotel has modern amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Guesthouse Bonifacius

I know most of you who go to Belgium are very excited to take back in time and have a wonderful medieval experience. Well, there’s a hotel that can give just the exact feeling – talk about exquisite decorations, medieval ambiance, and antiques. Clearly, Guesthoue Bonifacius is the best place to stay for travellers looking for comfort in the medieval setting. But don’t get me wrong. This 16th-century old building has been refurbished and rebuilt into a new, stylish hotel in Belgium.

Hotel Amigo

Amigo means “friends” in Spanish and just as the name says, Hotel Amigo is a friendly hotel in Belgium. Its ambiance is quite simpler than other hotels but it’s posh and stylish. The minimalist ambiance makes it very neat. The hotel offers sumptuous breakfast which will satisfy your tummy before heading to a daylong excursion in the city. Did you know many film stars and even presidents prefer this hotel?

Canal Deluxe Bed and Breakfast

Wow! This is the only hotel with a real furnace. It’s a great option if you want to feel naturally warm during your winter stay.  Canal Deluxe Bed and Breakfast is close to the city centre, which makes its location superb.  If you need a hotel that is charming, pampering, and a little rustic, you will love this hotel.

Favorite Things To Do In Columbia

Colombia is rapidly turning into a highlight of South American tours.  A lot of tourists now flock here to experience a great vacation along the coast. So if you are one of the digital nomads binging to visit this city here are some ideas for you when in Colombia.

Take a journey to Isla Gorgona

Isla Gorgona is a hot spot for tourists who want to experience nature in Colombia. This beautiful attraction used to be a prison land that lies 30 miles off the Pacific coast.

Today it has turned into a national park where you can see snakes, bats, monkeys, and sloths. Going by boat to this island will give you a chance to see whales and giant turtles which can be very exciting. The entrance to the park is $10.

Visit San Agustin

San Agustin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a small mountain town where you can see hundreds of pre-Colombian statues and burial mounds. This part of Colombia is rather serious than exciting.

You need to observe proper decorum and respect to locals and their policies especially when it comes to taking pictures and touching religious collections and megalithic sculptures. San Agustin is the largest heritage site in Colombia and you will need at least one full day to tour the place. The admission to the park costs around $6USD per individual.

Tour the Amazon forest

A tour in the Amazon forest is not for the faint hearted but it is definitely worth the time. The Amazon forest covers almost one-third of Colombia. The Amazon tour usually starts with a boat ride from Leticia, a town bordering Peru and Brazil, to the indigenous villages in the Amazon jungle. The tour usually costs around $47USD).

Go snorkeling, diving, or simply enjoy the beach

Enjoying the beach may not be the first thing you think of when going to Colombia. This country must be good for something else. Yet even though it is more known for its cultural sites, it still boasts really good beaches. Head to San Andres and Providencia as the waters there are rich in marine life. You can enjoy sea diving or snorkeling.  You can also go to Gorgona Island between August and October to experience whale shark watching.

Try some local coffee

Fortunately, Colombia is quite rich in coffee plantation. So if you want to enjoy a comfortable morning, you can head to some popular coffee plantation, buy some coffee grain, and brew your own coffee. Salento is the best spot for coffee tours, particularly Él El Ocaso.

Chicago Has Style and Great Food!

Many of the most popular Chicago attractions are concentrated downtown and within a scenic walk from one another for the visitors. That indicates it’s very easy to assemble a Chicago taking in the sights schedule that will maintain you delighted without wearing you out.

Architectural River Cruise

A Chicago taking in the experience of the sights wouldn’t be full without submerging on your own in the city’s building history aboard a Chicago River cruise. The 90-minute Chicago’s First Lady cruises, run by the Chicago Design Structure, include city background right into trips concentrated on clarifying building designs represented by greater than 50 structures flanking the Chicago River.

Grant Park

Chicagoans call 319-acre Grant Park their “front yard” since it’s their favorite place to promenade, outing, event, and also play. Grant Park includes several smaller eco-friendly rooms, consisting of Millennium Park, where must-see Chicago tourist attractions consist of the giant bean-shaped “Cloud Gate” sculpture, the digital computer-animated Crown Fountain, the Art Institute of Chicago, and also the Harris Theater for Music and Dance. Vast green grass along with the lakefront stage Chicago’s hit celebrations including Taste of Chicago, Lollapalooza, and also Chicago Blues Festival.

Art Institute of Chicago

The venerable Art Institute of Chicago showcases one of the world’s biggest long-term collections of Impressionist paintings, additionally, an extensive selection of Chinese bronzes, middle ages arms, American art, and modern masterpieces. Take in vibrant Marc Chagall’s vivid stained-glass “American Windows” installation, or wander through the enchanting Thorne Miniature Rooms displaying dollhouse-sized rooms decorated in every historical interior design style. Short on schedule? Select one or more of the cost-free themed mini-tours.

Michigan Avenue

A stroll down Michigan Opportunity is merely called for all Chicago visitors. The well-known blvd is understood for its high-end hotels, historic spots, and also enjoyment places map the initial shoreline of Lake Michigan. The blocks from Oak Street southern to the Chicago River are called the “Magnificent Mile,” a swank purchasing and eating district. Concealed gem Chicago tourist attractions put right into Michigan Method high-rises consist of the American Writers Museum, Chicago Sports Museum, Spertus Institute of Jewish Understanding and Management, as well as Pritzker Military Gallery as well as Library.

Chicago Riverwalk

There’s no far better way to experience the city’s architecture, dining, as well as nightlife than walking the Chicago Riverwalk stretching from Lake Michigan west to Franklin Road. The continual waterside pathway passes iconic skyscrapers, tiered yards, public art, and also spouting water fountains.

The Step at Willis Tower

Chicago taking in the sights gets to brand-new elevations at the Willis Tower’s Skydeck on the 103rd floor. Site visitors can survey city and lake deem much as the eye can see– and that’s right into 3 bordering states on a clear day.

Wrigley Field

Even before the Cubs became the 2016 World Series champs, their house area rated as a top Chicago destination. Built-in 1914, the country’s second-oldest baseball park sports a classic lawn area, hand-turned scoreboard, traditional bleacher seats, and ivy-strewn walls. Behind-the-scenes ballpark tours are offered seasonally, and also concerts held in this historic sporting activities venue knock it out of the park.

That Miami Vacation

Miami welcomes at least 15 million visitors annually and earns a lot of travel accolades from the largest websites in the world. For anyone considering to go on a first trip here or it’s just been a long time they visited, we’ve gathered useful information on Miami travel tips to help have an amazing trip. Here’s what we believe every vacationer needs to know before they visit:

Start with Accommodations

Miami has some of the highly rated hotels in the United States, famous for their resorts, amenities, and picturesque views. As amazing as these hotels are, you can be charged some hefty fees for them.

For anyone who doesn’t want to compete for rooms, we suggest you check out vacation rentals. They cost one-third of a hotel cost, and they offer almost similar services if not even better.

Transportation: How to Get Around

If you get a rental in south Florida, it’s not going to take you so much time to get to Miami. When you get to Miami, visitors can always rent a car, Segway, bike or scooter. Public transport options include bus, train, and taxis, Uber and Lyft are also available.

What to Pack

Make sure to pack the following:

  • comfortable walking shoes
  • flip flops
  • different stylish swimsuits
  • cocktail dresses
  • heels (if you plan to go clubbing)

Just like every beach vacation, it is a rule of thumb to have sun protection. Don’t forget a sun hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm with sunscreen, loose and airy clothing, swimsuit cover-ups, a beach bag, and a book.

For daily activities and sightseeing- pack a pair of jeans, tank tops or T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, and light jackets for cooler nights.

Miami Beach Laws

To keep everyone safe, Miami has certain beach laws that visitors must always take note of. Here are the top ones to always keep in mind when on the beach:

  •         Beaches are usually closed from midnight to 5 a.m.
  •         Lifeguards are on duty only from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  •         Fireworks, alcohol, firearms, glass containers, fires, vehicles, pets (except service animals), walking on dunes, disturbing wildlife, etc. are not allowed on Miami beaches. Try to do more research to find out other laws and best practices.

Favorite Places to Visit in Peru

Located on the West Coast of South America, Peru is a beautiful country offers plenty of things to do for every age group of travelers, whether you are looking for rich culture, adventure, history or food, Peru has everything for all! It’s no surprise that its ancient sites, beautiful landscape, and diverse flora and fauna attract visitors from all over the world, making it one of the most popular destinations in South America.

So if you are planning your once in a lifetime trip to Peru, and want to see not only Peru’s remarkable tourist attractions, but also experience authentic Peruvian culture and discover a few things to do, then read on the best things to do and let the adventure begin.

Sandboarding and Racing dune buggies in Huacachina

The Huacachina is the only desert oasis in Peru, South America, located four kilometers from the beachfront city of Ica. Bounded by palm trees and transcending sand rises, make the small natural lake famous for Sandboarding and dune buggy rides. Catch a dune buggy with a group of friends and surf the lofty sand faces.

Discover the Peruvian Amazon

The Peruvian Amazon in Peru covers approximately 60% of the country. Ranked as the fourth largest rainforest as well as one of the most biologically diverse places in the world. For wildlife lovers, this place is a favorite hot spot to explore the nature and incredible wildlife! Home to somewhere around 595 different species of birds, 2000 species of fish, 300 reptiles and more than 5000 plants, Peru offers a great break to experience the spectacular Amazon basin!

Reach Iquitos to take the Amazon boat trip and explore the eye-catching rainforests that will abandon you with a memory that’ll last forever.

Enjoy Weaving Experience in Huilloc

A visit to the beautiful city Huilloc is a must during your stay in Peru! The Huilloc is a lovely place where you can see and enjoy the warmth and tradition of Peruvians people. Make sure to stop over to a traditional Quechua village to learn more about the beautiful art weaving from the female villagers who have been perfecting the craft since a young age.

Go deep into Colca Canyon

One of the deepest Canyons in the world, at a depth of 4,160 meters the Colca Canyon draws thousands of visitors throughout the year! Located 4 hours away from the Arequipa city, the Colca Canyon is the ideal place for hiking.

Embrace the Tranquillity of Lake Sandoval

Located in the Puerto Maldonado, the Sandoval lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Peru, South America. The best way to see wildlife is to stay overnight in one of the lodges and take a boat ride on the lake. Watching the breathtaking sunset on the Lake Sandoval is a beyond belief sight.

Taste the Mineral-Rich Salts of Maras

Maras is a hidden gem, located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The mineral-rich salts of Mars offer significant benefits to our bodies and a great flavor. For photography lovers, this Maras is highly recommended because of its extraordinary landscape that stretches out in all of its splendor. This place is also great for hikers and mountain bikers because this track connects the salt mines with the villages of Tarabamba and Pichingoto.

Stroll the Streets of Arequipa

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage destination, Arequipa is the second largest city in Peru. Located in the Southern Peru, filled with charming Spanish architecture, delicious food, and friendly locals. Some of Arequipa buildings built from white volcanic stone. Surrounded by breathtaking volcanoes which makes Arequipa a beautiful city for hiking and trekking in Peru!

There are countless other great things to do and places to visit in the country. Machu Picchu is without a doubt amazing, and it is worth a visit. So what are you thinking now? Go to Peru for a fantastic vacation!


Why Disneyland is the Happiest Place on the Earth

Everyone loves Disney World!! It’s like a dream place of every kid and adult too who love the Disney characters. Disneyland is a place of happiness, magic, castles and lovable characters.

This will refresh your childhood memories when you stood on Main Street to have ice creams and soaked it all in and when Mickey Mouse was your favorite character. It’s obvious that Disney world is absolute fun if you are a kid and the best part is it’s an exciting place for adults too.  

Here, few reasons supporting a must trip to Disneyland at any age once in a lifetime:

Walk-In Main Street- Refreshing Mind

Many off-site properties are within walking distance to the parks.  By walking you can enjoy sights around. There will no hassle to catch a bus, or parking the car or waiting in a line of tickets to ride in the monorail. Give a start of the day with a quick breakfast in the hotel room and freshen up before starting day attraction activities. The amazing weather will add on to complete your trip.

New Attractions Premiered- Added Fun

If you haven’t visited Disneyland yet, then there will be much more attractive points to look upon and if you have visited this in the past, than to plan a vacation now, the reason behind this is the add up of new attractions. Several attractions have been replaced, especially at California Adventure.   Two big added attractions are Soarin’ (replaced Over California) and Frozen at the Hyperion (replaced over Aladdin).

Breathtaking Cars Land

Rocking cars land is the best part to visit in Disneyland, It has also debuted a new ride: Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadster, which replaced Luigi’s Flying Tires. Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters in Cars Land are one of the newer attractions which have given the best response as compared to other attractions.

We bet that family and kids will love these new additions. Basically, you just have to sit in a roadster which dances along with the music, like Mambo Italiano.

Faces of Disney characters

The best part of visiting Disneyland is to meet your favorite cartoon character, whether you’re favorite Disney character is Princess Jasmine or Mickey Mouse, or even no one is favorite then too you can count on the smiling faces of the characters you know and love to watch.

Rides for every age

Age is just a number here; you can have the best time here at any age by flying in a boat over London on the Peter Pan ride. The sight from rides or submarines will mesmerize you, Go underwater in a submarine and say hello to all of Nemo’s friends and family.

The Fireworks Show

Oh Yay!!! How can one miss this show, Nothing brings more tears and happiness same time in your eyes than watching the fireworks show along with listening to the wonderful medley of all your favorite Disney music. This is just incredibly awesome!!

The Cutest Picture Perfect Moment

Here, you’ll get countless spots to get the perfect picture. Either is in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle or the entrance of the Disney Park, along with the characters, you can snap anything present there to get the perfect picture.

Cure to all your life problems

Once you visit this place, you’ll surely forget all of your life problems, we understand it will not cure it from the root, but for the time you are there it will help you to enjoy that moment completely. There is something in the atmosphere of Disneyland, which makes you forget problems the whole day you’re there.

Still thinking about planning a trip to Disney?  A group of us went to celebrate our towing business.  We have been towing Mesa Az residents for 10 years now.  What better way to celebrate than a nice 10-day family vacation to a wonderful destination.  Now, it’s your turn!!!

Travel to Bahamas at Least Once in your Lifetime

Want to explore the Bahamas? You’ll inevitably fall in love with the beautiful Caribbean nation. When you think of visiting the Bahamas: Paradise Island, crystal blue beaches and white and come to mind at first but there is much more to visit many attraction points which will bloom up your trip. Next, we’ll share the reasons that why you should visit this phenomenal place or add this visit on your next travel itinerary. Have a look on a list which will guide you to make your decision to the Bahamas:

  • Delicious Bahamian food
  • Junkanoo Carnival
  • Scuba Diving
  • Amazing History
  • Swimming Pigs
  • World-class luxury hotels

These are a few petty reasons to make you addicted to visiting the Bahamas for a long trip. Scroll down to have a look at five best places to visit while vacationing in the Bahamas:

Harbour Island

Visit this island and catch a glimpse of the oldest structures, Harbour Island which is known as Briland by the locals in the Bahamas. The fascinating feeling is just laid in the center and capturing the beautiful view of pink beaches and enjoy the bohemian food. Enjoy water sports activities that leave you excited and invigorated. You can also see the colorful past in the form of loyalist cottages lined up there.

Lucayan National Park

An expansive land of 40 acres, home to the largest underwater cave systems. You can explore this place through its spectacular trails and boardwalks which will lead to a variety of ecosystems. Moreover, Picnic tables located on the beach. But be careful, Swimming in the caves is strictly prohibited; one needs a special permit for diving.

Pirates of Nassau

Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas and a busy center too. Pirates of Nassau situated in the heart of Nassau, this is a joyful and exciting museum, declaring details about the life of pirates of bygone eras. It’s not only entertaining but educational too as you get to know and understand the golden age of piracy and the history behind it. One must visit this place.

Fort Fincastle

The alluring feature of this castle is its shape which is like a paddle steamer. The historical structure of this castle endeavor relics of bygone eras. Enjoy a panoramic view walking through the beautiful surroundings.

The Glass Window Bridge

The must visit a place with the unique views in the Bahamas, travel along Queen’s Highway to The Glass Window Bridge. This strip of land and road connects Eleuthera’s Gregory Town and Lower Bogue. It’s around 30 feet wide at its narrowest point. You’ll find the rough, deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean in northern side, and the calm, turquoise-green waters of the Exuma Sound in southern.

But hold on guys!!! There are no restrooms here, but seafood dishes, island-inspired drinks will win over.Your visit to the Bahamas is imperfect without visiting the excellent places listed above; you must be thinking to plan a vacation to the perfect destination Bahamas for relaxing and exploring many more mesmeric places. So, don’t believe much pack your luggage and travel to the ravishing Bahamas.

Galapagos, the Ecuador Islands for an Unforgettable Vacation

There’s every good reason why the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador always come near the top of every traveler’s bucket list. Perhaps you already are aware of the islands’ history with Darwin but that’s not what this is all about. There’s more to these famous Ecuadorian Islands than Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Of course, history enthusiasts and biologists love coming here to learn more about his work. However, travelers from across the world visit the Galapagos archipelago for its unique landscapes, rich wildlife, pristine ecosystems, fantastic marine species, diverse types of beaches, and more.

Often referred to as the “living laboratory of the evolution,” the Galapagos Islands make the perfect destination for travelers of all ages alike. Here’s why you should head to Ecuador and visit this destination.

Spectacular, White-sand Beaches

Of course, you’re looking for a tropical paradise where you can unwind, relax, and take a dip in warm-turquoise waters. Well, that’s exactly what describes what the Galapagos Islands have to offer. The Islands feature secluded and remote beaches which allow visitors to enjoy exclusivity and privacy in a peaceful and quiet environment. The fact that the Islands are World Heritage Sites means they are protected and safe. The number of visitors coming to the Ecuador Islands is usually restricted which means you won’t have to worry about huge crowds, no matter the season you visit. Activities you can enjoy include swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling.


Very few destinations around the world feature giant tortoises and penguins by the beach side. The animals on these Islands enjoy the scenery with humans without any disturbance which means you can easily swim with a Galapagos penguin and even take pictures with or snorkel with sea lions and other animals. If you love exploring wildlife you might want to choose an itinerary that will include most of the big fifteen animal species here.


Some of the Islands that travelers visit to explore the spectacular volcano landscape include Sierra Negra, the Fernandina Island, Volcan Wolf, Genovesa Island, and Daphne Major. Volcanoes are a major highlight on this Galapagos archipelago. A must-see and explore volcano is the one in Volcan Wolf as it’s the highest with a steep incline. All the volcanoes on these islands often show some degree of activity each year. You can’t miss that!

Authentic Cuisine

When on your Galapagos vacation, make sure you’ve spent some time at the eateries here so you can enjoy the diverse local food offered. Each of the Islands offers their own unique food. Most of the dishes feature plenty of seafood such as sea cucumber, tilapia, crab, and lobster. Don’t leave before trying out fish marinated in lemon (often referred to as ceviche) and fish soup (encebollado). Popular fruits here include tree tomato, guanabana, papaya, and blackberry.