You Must Travel To The Bahamas at least once

Want to explore the Bahamas? You’ll inevitably fall in love with the beautiful Caribbean nation. When you think of visiting the Bahamas: Paradise Island, crystal blue beaches and white and come to mind at first but there is much more to visit many attraction points which will bloom up your trip. Next, we’ll share the reasons that why you should visit this phenomenal place or add this visit on your next travel itinerary. Have a look on a list which will guide you to make your decision to the Bahamas:

  • Delicious Bahamian food
  • Junkanoo Carnival
  • Scuba Diving
  • Amazing History
  • Swimming Pigs
  • World-class luxury hotels

These are a few petty reasons to make you addicted to visiting the Bahamas for a long trip. Scroll down to have a look at five best places to visit while vacationing in the Bahamas:



Harbour Island
Visit this island and catch a glimpse of the oldest structures, Harbour Island which is known as Briland by the locals in the Bahamas. The fascinating feeling is just laid in the center and capturing the beautiful view of pink beaches and enjoy the bohemian food. Enjoy water sports activities that leave you excited and invigorated. You can also see the colorful past in the form of loyalist cottages lined up there.


Lucayan National Park
An expansive land of 40 acres, home to the largest underwater cave systems. You can explore this place through its spectacular trails and boardwalks which will lead to a variety of ecosystems. Moreover, Picnic tables located on the beach. But be careful, Swimming in the caves is strictly prohibited; one needs a special permit for diving.

Pirates of Nassau
Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas and a busy center too. Pirates of Nassau situated in the heart of Nassau, this is a joyful and exciting museum, declaring details about the life of pirates of bygone eras. It’s not only entertaining but educational too as you get to know and understand the golden age of piracy and the history behind it. One must visit this place.


Fort Fincastle
The alluring feature of this castle is its shape which is like a paddle steamer. The historical structure of this castle endeavor relics of bygone eras. Enjoy a panoramic view walking through the beautiful surroundings.

The Glass Window Bridge
The must visit a place with the unique views in the Bahamas, travel along Queen’s Highway to The Glass Window Bridge. This strip of land and road connects Eleuthera’s Gregory Town and Lower Bogue. It’s around 30 feet wide at its narrowest point. You’ll find the rough, deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean in northern side, and the calm, turquoise-green waters of the Exuma Sound in southern. But hold on guys!!! There are no restrooms here, but seafood dishes, island-inspired drinks will win over.

Your visit to the Bahamas is imperfect without visiting the excellent places listed above; you must be thinking to plan a vacation to the perfect destination Bahamas for relaxing and exploring many more mesmeric places. So, don’t believe much pack your luggage and travel to the ravishing Bahamas.

Galapagos, the Ecuador Islands for an Unforgettable Vacation

There’s every good reason why the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador always come near the top of every traveler’s bucket list. Perhaps you already are aware of the islands’ history with Darwin but that’s not what this is all about. There’s more to these famous Ecuadorian Islands than Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Of course, history enthusiasts and biologists love coming here to learn more about his work. However, travelers from across the world visit the Galapagos archipelago for its unique landscapes, rich wildlife, pristine ecosystems, fantastic marine species, diverse types of beaches, and more.

Often referred to as the “living laboratory of the evolution,” the Galapagos Islands make the perfect destination for travelers of all ages alike. Here’s why you should head to Ecuador and visit this destination.

Spectacular, White-sand Beaches

Of course, you’re looking for a tropical paradise where you can unwind, relax, and take a dip in warm-turquoise waters. Well, that’s exactly what describes what the Galapagos Islands have to offer. The Islands feature secluded and remote beaches which allow visitors to enjoy exclusivity and privacy in a peaceful and quiet environment. The fact that the Islands are World Heritage Sites means they are protected and safe. The number of visitors coming to the Ecuador Islands is usually restricted which means you won’t have to worry about huge crowds, no matter the season you visit. Activities you can enjoy include swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling.


Very few destinations around the world feature giant tortoises and penguins by the beach side. The animals on these Islands enjoy the scenery with humans without any disturbance which means you can easily swim with a Galapagos penguin and even take pictures with or snorkel with sea lions and other animals. If you love exploring wildlife you might want to choose an itinerary that will include most of the big fifteen animal species here.


Some of the Islands that travelers visit to explore the spectacular volcano landscape include Sierra Negra, the Fernandina Island, Volcan Wolf, Genovesa Island, and Daphne Major. Volcanoes are a major highlight on this Galapagos archipelago. A must-see and explore volcano is the one in Volcan Wolf as it’s the highest with a steep incline. All the volcanoes on these islands often show some degree of activity each year. You can’t miss that!

Authentic Cuisine

When on your Galapagos vacation, make sure you’ve spent some time at the eateries here so you can enjoy the diverse local food offered. Each of the Islands offers their own unique food. Most of the dishes feature plenty of seafood such as sea cucumber, tilapia, crab, and lobster. Don’t leave before trying out fish marinated in lemon (often referred to as ceviche) and fish soup (encebollado). Popular fruits here include tree tomato, guanabana, papaya, and blackberry.